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RedstoneSam, "Sam" - Server Manager, Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Technical Support, Crates Manager

mufkip, "Stud" - Currently On Leave

_roman_emperor_, "Caleb" - Technical Support Manager


anneizzle, "annei" - Staff Coordinator

NixStyx, "Nix" - Build Developer

DerrylHopkins, "Derryl" - Builder, Technical Support

spikeblade, "Sam" - Discord Manager

DoritoWithAGun, "Dorito" - Technical Support, Game Developer

ShadowVoid - Technical Support


_TheFlash, "Wally/Barry"

ElliottPlays, "Elliott"

carolinecraft01, "Caroline"




We are always looking at adding more moderators to our staff team, so if you think it's something you'd be up for, apply here!

Open Staff Positions

Social Media Manager - It would be your job to create (or contact people who can) social media posts primarily for TikTok, but also posts for Instagram and YouTube shorts.

Community Manager - This role is a little bit of a strange one. It's your responsibility to see what people like and don't like about the server, things they want adding, removing or changing. You would then inform the staff members who can implement that change and then give the community a time frame of when the change will be happening. It would also be your job to host giveaways on the discord and server along with hosting minigames on the survival server. 

Crates Manager - Your duty would be to create amazing and fantastic crates for all the players to enjoy whilst also implementing seasonal ideas within the crates.


Former Staff Members

Chaos5705 - Retired Founder

Madaam_Ragnarok - Former Admin

oPqnda - Former Moderator

chuckiefunk - Former Moderator

SwankopotamusRex - Former Admin

Taco_Cat898 - Former Admin




Staff Members about 1 year ago

1. Do not grief builds, even if they are not claimed.

2. Do not spam the same message or characters.

3. Do not scam.

4. Do not duplicate items/blocks/entities. This includes TNT.

5. Do not build inappropriate things.

6. Do not ask staff for ranks, items or money (obvioulsy unless you are trading!).

7. Do not use any mods and/or texture packs that give you an ingame advantage such as X-Ray. Mini-maps also falls under this.

8. Respect all players regardless of their beliefs.

9. Do not impersonate another player

10. Try to keep English in main chat, other languages can go to /msg.

11. Do not bypass the afk kick.

12. Staff have the final say in punishments.

13. Try not to talk about politics.

14. Do not mention other server IPs.

15. Shop and Town player warp rules can be found at /warp Info

16. Treat ALL staff with kindness and respect, regardless of their rank.

17. Use common sense

Server Rules about 1 year ago