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OGCraft Map Reset April 2023
RedstoneSam Admin Head Editor Member
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about 1 year ago

Well well well, it’s that time again… OGCraft is resetting it’s map!


However we have a little twist… rather than doing a big spawn, we thought we would listen to what you guys said in the form we sent out a while ago and we are doing one of the smallest spawns in OGCraft’s history. That being said, there’s still plenty of hidden treasures throughout so get searching!


When is the reset happening?
Map 4 Closing: April 6th 10am MST

Map 5 Opening: April 7th 10am MST


Some new additions

Monthly crates are coming back, along with some changes to vote crates and vote party crates!

We also have a new item-ranking system, please see the below section! 

Things like fly, speed and /shop will be disabled for the first week of the server so everyone is in the same playing field when we first start.

50,000 world size, compared to our previous 15,000


Small General Changes

The website is now a form of “Wiki” where the admins can appoint new editors to help keep everything updated. This will be the main source of all things about the server, plugins, custom crafting recipes, crates… you get the idea! This isn't a small job but you'll start noticing more and more changes as we go.
Placed spawners will now have a 20% chance of breaking even when mined with silk touch.


Transferring Items

We’ve decided that as we’re going back to the server’s roots, players will not be able to transfer any items. However things such as trophy items like the birthday items can be transferred, keep reading for how to do this! 

Things that are being reset:




Money balance




And of course, all the worlds


Things that will NOT be reset:


Play time


Item Ranking

As Monthly crates are coming back, we decided now would be the perfect time to introduce this new system. So… what are the “levels” of ranking? Well here they are;

Normal - These are just your normal items and have no ranking

Rare - These items contain enchantments that are just slightly above the Vanilla enchantments

Epic - These items are enchanted slightly more however are harder to get

Legendary - These items are the most powerful items on the server that you can get, but they are also the hardest to get

Novelty - These are the things like Fish Slap, Pokey Stick and Super Pokey stick. Funny items that don’t really impact gameplay… however you still may want to collect them for possible hidden crafting recipes…

One of a kind - The items with this tag are by far the rarest items in the game and as the name suggests, there are only one of them on the server. Ever. 


How can I bring items to the new map?

As mentioned above, items cannot be transferred over to this map but things like trophy items such as the birthday items and other event items can be. If you're not sure if you can carry over an item, please ask a staff member and we'll let you know. 

Fill your shulker box with all your trophy items and give it to a staff member, but once we have been given the shulker box you cannot get it back. Don’t forget to rename it with your minecraft username (not nickname!)


If you don’t have a shulker box, please do /kit Shulker to receive a free one!

The final day for turning in shulker boxes is April 5th!


When is all this happening exactly?

We are aiming to have the server back open on April 7th at 10am MST. We will be closing the server April 6th to allow us Admins to do final preparation to the server.


Will there be a world download of the current map before it gets destroyed?

Sadly not due to the pure size of the maps, however we are keeping copies of spawn for nostalgia and if we ever want to revisit them!


What version will the server be?

We are aiming to have the server on the newest version, which currently is 1.19.4 if our plugins allow us. Ideally 1.20 comes out soon so all our plugins can update and we can have the server on the most recent version as soon as possible! With how many snapshots 1.20 currently has a high likelihood of releasing soon so we won't be resetting again if that's the case.


Special thanks to our Architects, Nixstyx, Jabai & ChunkyPumpkin2, along with the staff members who have helped throughout the preparation, Elliott, Flash, Roman and Swanky.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in our discord here

Last edited: about 1 year ago