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To start things off I'm going to go back to the roots of what our goal is as a server. We want to provide a safe, happy and enjoyable environment for everyone who decides to play on OGCraft no matter your age or background. To do this we have a wonderful staff team who volunteer their free time to bring you the server and all the changes we make along the way. The internet is a scary place and if we can be that light that helps guide people the correct way then we've achieved what we set out to do.


That being said, the other key aspect of the server is you, the players. You playing on the server and voting for the server keeps our numbers up and therefore more people will find the server and play on it. More peo...

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Well well well, it’s that time again… OGCraft is resetting it’s map!


However we have a little twist… rather than doing a big spawn, we thought we would listen to what you guys said in the form we sent out a while ago and we are doing one of the smallest spawns in OGCraft’s history. That being said, there’s still plenty of hidden treasures throughout so...

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As you can see, our website is currently undergoing a big rework along with some major changes.

This is no longer a forum but more of a wiki page relating to the server where all the server information, ranks, custom crafting recipes and other plugin related things will be posted.


If you notice something missing or incorrect, please contact the Head Editor who can be found here

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