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OGCraft Map 6 Reset
RedstoneSam Admin Head Editor Member
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3 months ago

Can you believe it? Map 6 is already up and here we are heading into Map 7. This will be the first official map where OGCraft and Pioneer players start together at the same time and progress together under one roof!


Speaking of roofs, we’ve raised it this time round! I think this new spawn is the biggest spawn we’ve ever made for the server, only rivaled by the Zelda Castle we had all the way back in Map 2. Huge thanks to Nix and our newest Architect Silver_Seven for helping create in my opinion one of the best spawns we’ve ever had, along with Elliott and a few other people helping out!


When is the reset happening?
Map 6 Closing: 3rd May 2024 10am MST

Map 7 Opening: 4th May 2024 10am MST


Some new additions

  • Brand new Spawn Easter Egg with a custom built minigame within so it’s still playable after the EE is finished! Better get whacking!
  • New Quest NPCs within spawn ranging from the Prison Guard to the Horse Trainer. Have a dig into the lore of spawn and what other treasures it may be hiding.
  • We’re adding something else Pioneer had, the interactive chat! This will allow you to show off all your cool and special items!
  • EpicSellWands are back! You can buy these via /shop or get them via the crates!
  • Ever wanted to just sit on a slab? A stair? Or are you a floor person or even a person person? You can now sit down anywhere, any time (however not sure how some people would feel about you sitting on their head)
  • A new online map! This can be accessed by doing /map in game or by heading to map.ogcraft.org
  • A new voting reward structure! More on that below!


Small General Changes

  • Behind the scenes staffing plugin changes. 
  • /fly has been moved from Diamond to the Emerald rank to fit more inline with Emerald being on par with the Carpenter Rank.
  • Player referral rewards added! If you get your friend to join on the server and they do /ref your_username you both receive rewards! You also get bigger and better rewards the more people that do /ref your_username
  • The legacy permanent supporter ranks have had their kits changed to monthly kits rather than the large one time use kit. This means anyone with a legacy permanent support rank can receive a kit every 30 days.


Voting reward structure

  • A new daily vote crate! This crate key can be obtained by voting on all the voting sites every day! 
  • A new weekly vote crate! This crate key can be obtained by voting on all the voting sites every day for an entire week! You also get to pick what reward you get!
  • We have also added rewards for milestone voting amounts, so you will receive something when you hit 100 total votes (10 days worth of voting). All these rewards have been posted in the discord in server-voting along with being listed on our website.
  • A new voting boss bar appears whenever someone votes! It shows the most recent voter along with how many votes are left until the vote party! This was added around 2 weeks ago however we thought we’d include it here as not many people have seen it (massive thanks to superminiminer for the idea and ShadowVoids for making it possible)
  • Voting now gives even more claimblocks than before.


Things that are being reset:





Money balance



And of course, all the worlds 

Things that will NOT be reset:


Play time

What version will the Map be on?

We’re aiming to open on 1.20.5 but that all depends on plugins, otherwise it'll be 1.20.4. We are also starting the world with a smaller world border so once we update to 1.21 we can expand the border and allow room for the new Trial Chambers to spawn in!


How can I bring items to the new map?

This time round we’re allowing the transfer of any and all items apart from spawners! Do /kit reset to receive your reset kit. Within your reset kit you’ll get a shulker box and a bundle.


How to pack your reset kit;

Step 1 - Fill your bundle with any items you want (excluding Spawners. Spawners can be crafted back into keys, as seen in /warp Recipes)

Step 2 - Put the bundle in the shulker box

Step 3 - Check to see if you have any items that were won from an event. These will have a special name or lore describing which event they are from. These are Trophy Items.

Step 4 - Check to see if you have any items that have the "One of a Kind" lore. These items along with Dragon Eggs and items found from Spawn Easter Eggs are Historical Items.

Step 5 - If you have any Trophy Items and/or Historical Items, put them in your shulker box too

Step 6 - When you’ve packed everything you want, hand it to a staff member however once we have been given the shulker box you cannot get it back.


The final day for turning in shulker boxes is 2nd May! If you can’t physically hand them into a staff member, put the shulker box in your inventory then send a message into our discord with your exact username and we’ll grab it that way.


Once we open on the new map, your shulker boxes will be given out by the moderators. Please note, any spawners found in bundles will be removed without warning.

Last edited: 2 months ago