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OGCraft Map 5 Reset
RedstoneSam Admin Head Editor Member
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10 months ago

Is it that time already? Yes it is! OGCraft is resetting it’s map!


Like every reset, we have a brand new map! We wanted to go outside the box a little bit and do something we’ve never done before…


When is the reset happening?
Map 5 Closing: 28th September 2023 16:00 UTC

Map 6 Opening: 30th September 2023 16:00 UTC


Some new additions

  • Spawn Easter Egg is back! No hints, no clues, just some good old problem solving and possibly even some dancing.
  • Weekly game nights, more on that below!
  • Multiple datapacks which include new structures including 3 new village types, a new deep dark dimension and my personal favourite, hostile mobs will become harder to kill the longer you play on the server.
  • Quests are back! We have done a massive overhaul of the previous quests along with a special rank if you manage to complete all 700+ quests. 
  • A new Server Sponsor section on the store where people can sponsor the server and help us improve more features along with making more people aware of the server!


Small General Changes

  • Donator ranks have now been turned into monthly versions of said ranks and players with the ranks will receive a monthly kit to reflect this. These new monthly ranks can be spotted by looking in the rank name and seeing curly brackets, {}, in them. That being said, anyone who donated prior to this change will still keep their permanent rank, shown via square brackets, [], in the rank name as well as still receiving the previous kit.
    Monthly ranks also work on an accumulative process, meaning if you purchase 30 days of time, then the day after you purchase another 30 days, you get 60 days total. If you wanted to, you could purchase a year's worth of 30 days and have that many days on your account. 
  • Spawn is no longer in its own world. You can explore the normal world straight off the bat.
  • A massive, and I mean massive, overhaul of /shop. Every single item has had a change in some sort of way, shape or form.


Things that are being reset:

  • Inventories
  • Enderchests
  • Claimblocks
  • Money balance
  • Kits
  • Playervaults
  • And of course, all the worlds


Things that will NOT be reset:

  • Ranks
  • Play time


Weekly Games Nights

Map 6 is bringing a new twist to the server with Weekly Game Nights.

There will be 4 events throughout the month where players compete in multiple games to earn points and prizes!

Points you say? With the points that you earn, you get entered into the Battle of Gamers where the top three players of the month each receive prizes on top of the previous prizes!

We will also be doing a random draw from the rest of the players who scored where each point gives you an entry into the lucky draw!

The dates of the events will be announced on the last day of the month prior! 


How can I bring items to the new map?

Much like last time we are limiting the transfer of items to only trophy items (such as ones won from events) or historical items like Dragon Eggs.


Fill a shulker box with all your trophy and historical items and give it to a staff member, but once we have been given the shulker box you cannot get it back. Don’t forget to rename it with your minecraft username (not nickname!)


If you don’t have a shulker box, please do /kit Shulker to receive a free one!

The final day for turning in shulker boxes is 27th September!


Once we open on the new map, your shulker boxes will be given out by the moderators.

Last edited: 10 months ago