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OGCraft Rules
RedstoneSam Admin Head Editor Member
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8 months ago

Minecraft Server Rules


  1. Do not grief builds, even if they are not claimed.
  2. Do not spam the same message or characters.
  3. Do not scam.
  4. Do not duplicate items/blocks/entities. This includes TNT.
  5. Do not build inappropriate things.
  6. Do not ask staff for ranks, items or money (obvioulsy unless you are trading!).
  7. Do not Xray. The use of any mods, texture packs, exploits and/or other methods that give you an ingame advantage such as X-Ray are not allowed.
  8. Respect ALL players.
  9. Do not impersonate another player
  10. Try to keep English in main chat, other languages can go to /msg.
  11. Do not bypass the afk kick.
  12. Staff have the final say in punishments.
  13. Try not to talk about politics.
  14. Talking about other non-main stream servers is not allowed. For example; Hypixel is okay but a small public server is a no no.
  15. Shop and Town player warp rules can be found at /warp Info.
  16. Use common sense Punishments are as per the Staff's discretion even if it is not listed here.

Discord Server Rules


  1. Be nice and treat everyone like you'd want to be treated! We accept anyone and everyone into our community!
  2. No NSFW or obscene content. This includes text, images, links or gifs!
  3. No spam. This includes excessive use of caps lock, sending the same message multiple times and sending multiple messages within a (very) short amount of time.
  4. If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable in any way, please contact a member of staff and we will try to resolve the issue the best we can.
  5. Talking about other non-main stream servers is not allowed. For example; Hypixel is okay but a small public server is a no no.
  6. If you are to send a URL, please make it clear what it is. We've had a few people come to the server and spam fake discord nitro links, please don't click these!
  7. Please don't ping streamers in here, they will most likely have their own discord server so shoot them a message over there!
  8. Please refrain from directly messaging staff members. If there is an issue the best place to go about server issues is ⁠bug-reports! If it's urgent then head over to ⁠urgent-support-and-ban-appeals
  9. Do not DM Admins in regards to promotional material, we will reach out to you if and when we see fit
  10. Do not abuse the ⁠urgent-support-and-ban-appeals system as this will result in your permission to make tickets being removed. It will possibly include other punishments too

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